Fields of activities of RES Group:


  • Experimental cultivation of energy crops (sunflower, rape seed, miscanthus, sweet sorghum, jatropha, algae etc.)
  • Study of Biomass potential in Greece and Europe.
  • Study of Biomass treatment methods for the production of solid, liquid and gas fuels.
  • Utilization and application of biofuels for the production of thermal and electrical energy.
Solar Solar Energy

  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of solar collectors for the production of thermal and mechanical energy.
  • Testing and application of several types of photovoltaic systems (silicon and thin film) off grid or grid connected, water pumping systems and water desalination with reverse osmosis.
  • Different PV technologies comparative testing
  • Low Temperature Solar Organic Rankine Cycle Engine
  • Passive Solar Systems for heat/cooling generation
  • Concentrator technologies for co-generation (electricity and heat)

Smartgrid Technology

  • Autonomous Hybrid Systems
  • Autonomous Microgrids based on Renewable Energy Sources for Polygeneration
  • Hydrogen Systems for energy storage and onsite transportation fuel production
  • Smartgrid control and management schemes
  • Development and design of smartgrid platforms
ORC ORC technology

  • Hear recovery applications
  • Low/medium temperature systems
  • Small-scale engines (up to 25 kW)
  • Heat input: solar thermal, biomass energy, hot exhaust gases
  • Power and sea-water desalination co-generation

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Systems powered by Renewable Energy
  • Energy recovery systems for Water Desalination
Wind energy Wind Energy

  • Investigation of small wind turbines for rural applications
  • Wind Energy powered water pumping systems
  • Wind Energy powered desalination systems