On-going 2017-2020: Scientific coordinator

Sustainable Farming (SFARM).

Project funded by the European Commission, (ERASMUS plus).

Partners from Greece, Portugal, Italy, China, Lao, Vietnam, and Indonesia (total 12 partners).


On-going 2017-2019: Scientific coordinator

The DESAL project is financed through the broader H2020 project “Factories of the Future: Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling – FORTISSIMO 2” of which coordinator is the Edinburgh University, UK.

H2020 project funded by the European Commission, “Cloud-based simulation of desalination systems powered by renewables (DESAL)”.

Partners from Greece and Slovenia. AUA budget 67500, project budget 142750.

2016 – 2019: Coordinator

Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (SAGRI)

Project funded by the European Union. Program Erasmus+,  Sector skills alliances.

Greece (coordinator), Portugal, Italy.


2016 – 2019: Partner

Real Skills for Work and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-food Sector (RESKILL)

Project funded by the European Union. Program Erasmus+,  Strategic Partnership.

France (coordinator), Greece, Romania


2015-2017: Coordinator

Incorporation of Green Technologies in the AUA campus. A total of 110 kWp photovoltaics and a pellets boiler of 30 kWth are being installed at the AUA campus.

Project funded by the European Economic Area – EEA, (consisted of 3 countries of the European Free Trade Association – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).